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The following table lists internal rates charged to faculty, staff, and students of The Ohio State University from July 1 2013 -June 30 2014.

The CMIF is also available for use by those outside the university with a different rate structure. Please contact us or call (614)292-9786 for a fee quotation.

CMIF Instruments and Services Standard OSU rate

$35 per hour 

TEM sample preparation (per three samples) based on sample type
                                                                  Tissue $100
                                                       Cell Monolayer $110
                                                             Cell Pellet $120
TEM sample sectioning (Thick & Thin - per block) $80
TEM sample sectioning (thick sections only - per block) $40
SEM $35 per hour 
SEM sample preparation (per 3 samples of typical size) $90
Single-Photon Confocal LSM (9-5) $30 per hour 
Single-Photon Confocal LSM (After-Hours) $25 per hour 
Multi-Photon Confocal LSM $35 per hour 
Visitech Infinity3 Live-Cell Confocal $25 per hour 
Light Microscope $15 per hour 
Ultramicrotome $20 per hour 
Cryo-Ultramicrotome $30 per hour 
Leica CM1510S Cryostat $15 per hour
Vibratome $20 per hour 
Critical Point Dryer $25 per run 
Sputter Coater $10 per run 
Technical assistance
(applies to all charges except sample preparation)
$35 per hour