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Using Our Lab

Not sure where to begin in order to start using CMIF/MSR? Please refer to this PDF for assistance

Need just-in-time funds to support the costs of our service? Check out the CCTS Core Services Voucher Support

Are you a new user? A great starting point is to review the following pages -

  • Our Capabilities – A listing of all our microscopes and instrumentation
  • Rates – Our list of rates for all services and instruments we offer
  • Policies and Procedures – Outlines all of the facility polices we expect our users to follow
  • Scheduling - How to schedule time on our instrumentation
  • Methods and Techniques – Protocols and methods for sample preparation for using with our instrumentation
  • Resources – A list of links and helpful sites

Are you going to be publishing? If so, it’s very important to acknowledge the CMIF/MSR facility – please visit this page for more information for how to do so. This helps to ensure we receive funding to provide you with more cutting edge instrumentation to further your own research.

Want to know more and talk to our research staff? Please use the contact us form or email us at cmif@osu.edu.